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Family Farming

Nunzio and Irene Corsino started Four Mile River Farm in Old Lyme, Connecticut in 1985, raising beef, pigs, and chickens. Although Nunz had a full career as a high school history teacher by day, his background is in raising purebred Jersey show cattle. This instilled in him a high standard in caring for animals, and a love of farming. This matched Irene’s strong love for animals and the land.

For both Nunz and Irene, this small farm life is meaningful and real. It is a source of pride to both that their farm animals are raised in a natural, stress-free way. They keep the number of animals small so that they can maintain a high level of care for each animal.

They are also glad to help keep small farming alive, and provide a source of excellent farm-raised meats for people who want to avoid industrial meat products.

In the spirit of family farming, their son Chris and their daughter Amanda grew up with farm chores and values and were avid 4H members.

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