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Pork Products

Pork Chops

All chops are cut 1-inch thick and packed two per package.

Center Cut

Loin End

Rib End




Fresh Sausages

Sweet Italian

Hot Italian


Breakfast Patties





Smoked Products


Canadian Bacon
















And More

Ground Pork

Country Style Ribs

Spare Ribs

Neck Bones*









All prices subject to change

* Call, email or visit a Farmers Market for availability and pricing.

Side of Pork

$6/lb Includes Cutting, Wrapping, Labeling & Freezing. Your order will be weighed and priced accordingly. Averages 80 lbs. Side of Pork includes:

SMOKED MEATS-All Nitrate Free:

8 Bacon Thick Sliced 1 lb Pack

3 Hams Sirloin Tip, Top Round & Bottom Round

2 Hocks


1 Tenderloin

2 Loin Chops 1 in. Thick 2/package

8 Center Cut Chops 1 in. Thick 2/package

2 Rib Chops 1 in. Thick 2/package

2 Spare Ribs 4 Country Style Ribs

1 Boneless Shoulder Roast

8 Breakfast Sausage 1 lb. Patties

8 Ground Pork 1 lb. Bulk


Feet, Neck, Bones, Fat Back, Lard


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