Our Process


What makes our process unique is the only buzzword we’ll use: family.  Family is what started this and family is what makes it continue to run.  Every package of meat we offer is a source of pride because, for us, it’s personal.  Each animal on our farm is seen by us every day; we feed, we water, we clean, and we find contentment in how lucky we are to live this life!

Thanks to our neighboring family at Ashlawn Farm in Lyme, CT (check out Ashlawn Farm Coffee – you’ll be happy you did!), our cattle graze on acres and acres of lush pasture.  When New England cold weather sets in, we feed hay cut from these same pastures.  Our cattle are also fed a New England milled grain to supplement nutrients and help develop a good, hard fat cover, needed to properly age beef.  The enzymes in the fat act as a natural tenderizer for the meat.

Our pigs are raised in outdoor, open-air shelters with protection from the weather. They play, eat, and sleep in a deep wood chip bedding system that allows them to root and help contribute to our rich compost that goes back on the fields.  No garbage or leftovers, our pigs eat only a high-quality New England grain, giving them great muscle meat and good, hard fat.

We’re so proud of our pasture-raised poultry, we call it our 'poultry in motion'. A lot more work but with an undeniable, well worth it difference.  Our chicks are picked up by our driver (yep – they have a driver) the day they’re hatched and brought to our farm.  They brood here until well-feathered (2-3 weeks) before being moved to our roomy mobile coops.  Coops are moved daily giving them fresh access to grass, bugs, and all things good.

All of our livestock and poultry are harvested under USDA inspection before being brought back to our cut facility.  Our butchers are so much more than meat cutters, each one, a skilled craftsman.  They are proud of their craft that was learned from generations before them.  We benefit from their skill and knowledge as they help us select the perfect cut of meat to offer to you.  Cut day is a family affair with each of us having a specific job, the most important is knowing exactly what our family is offering to your family.