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We’re so proud of our pasture-raised poultry, we call it our 'poultry in motion'.  A lot more work but with an undeniable, well worth it difference.  Our chicks are picked up by our driver (yep – they have a driver) the day they’re hatched and brought to our farm.  They brood here until well-feathered (2-3 weeks) before being moved to our roomy mobile coops.  Coops are moved daily giving them fresh access to grass, bugs, and little critters- all things that they love!

All of our livestock and poultry are harvested under USDA inspection before being brought back to our cut facility. 

There is a $100 order minimum for shipping, $25 minimum on all other orders.

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Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage
  • $12.00

Chicken Breakfast Links
  • $12.00

Chicken Bone Broth
  • $5.00

Whole Chicken
  • From $18.00

Half Chicken
  • From $9.00

Chicken Pet Delight
  • From $5.00

Chicken Liver
  • $6.00

Sold out

Chicken Heart
  • $6.00

Chicken Gizzards
  • $6.00

Chicken Feet
  • $4.00

Chicken Necks
  • $4.00

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Farm Fresh Eggs
  • $6.00

Four Mile River Farm Gift Card
  • From $25.00

Chicken Soup Bones
  • $15.00

Holiday Gift Bundle Chicken Lover
  • $99.00