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There is nothing prettier than seeing our cows all grazing in the grass. Our pasture-raised cattle eat grass and finish on a New England milled grain which supplements nutrients and helps develop a good, hard fat cover, needed to properly age beef. This results in deep, beefy flavor, and tender meat.

All of our livestock and poultry are harvested under USDA inspection before being brought back to our cut facility.  

There is a $100 order minimum for shipping, $25 minimum on all other orders.

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Beef Tongue
  • $18.00

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  • $15.00

Ground Beef
  • $10.00

Knuckle Bones
  • $5.00

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Beef Neck Bones
  • $10.00

Beef Kebobs / Stew
  • $10.00

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Beef Soup Shank
  • From $5.00

Holiday Beef Tenderloin Roast
  • From $195.50

5+ lb Beef Short Rib Box
  • $60.00

Beef Farm Burgers
  • $12.00

Beef Bone Broth
  • $5.00

Strip Steak Box
  • $79.00