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Buy a Bulk Share and get a bonus!


We have saved a portion of our Pastured Raised Chickens just for our Bulk Beef and Pork Buyers.This great giveaway ends January 31.

If you order 1/8 Beef Share we will add 4 Pastured Raised Chickens to your order($100 Value)

If you order 1/4 Beef Share we will add 6 Pastured Raised Chickens to your order($150 Value)

If you order 1/2 Beef Share we will add 8 Pastured Raised Chickens to your order($200 Value)

If you order a Whole Beef Share we will add 10 Pastured Raised Chickens to your order($250 Value) and 10 pounds of our Smoked Bacon($150 value)

If you order either Pork Share we will add 4 Pastured Raised Chickens

One more! Order by January 15th and also receive:

A little something to hold you over

Reserve your Bulk order and get 3 packages of our Farm Burgers

Beef Farm Burger consists of ground beef mixed with ketchup, dijon mustard, Worcestershire sauce, cheddar cheese, scallions, salt & pepper. 
2-pack of 8 oz patties

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1/4 Beef Share Reservation Deposit
  • $100.00

1/2 Beef Share Reservation Deposit
  • $200.00

Whole Beef Share Reservation (deposit)
  • $400.00

1/2 Hog Share
  • $75.00

1/2 Hog Share Sausage Style
  • $75.00


EGG-sclusive Egg Buyers Club
  • $416.00
  • $351.00